Italian’s territory from the far North, to the deep South to the Islands, is dotted with unique and magical places, where you can relax and spend special moments, visiting exclusive places where relive past times, savoring typical dishes or special wines.
Often these beautiful and exclusive places, are difficult to reach with a car and this due to the not easy geographical position that they manage to preserve their magic over time.
The will to visit an alpine refuge, reach an ancient medieval village to enjoy its atmosphere as well as food, it often clashes with the little time available during a short vacation or a weekend.
Vertical flight allows us to reach these exclusive places by qualifying your time, allowing you to live one or more experiences otherwise impossible savor.
In a few minutes from the center of Milan you can reach the castles of the Oltrepò Pavese, the fortresses that dominate the hills behind Genoa, the mountain pastures that surround the major northern lakes.
Imagination is the only limit …… try to imagine !!!