Winter – Holiday, helicopter usage

Reach in the easiest and fastest way the dreamed location for your winter holiday! Either  in Italy (Limone, Sestriere, Cervinia, Bormio, Merano,  Cortina, Corvara etc….) or outside Italy (Saint Moritz (CH), Courchevel (F), Gstaad (CH) )and many others amazing locations that … Read More

Helicopters – suggestions for use by travelers. (part 3)

Autumn has arrived and the use of the helicopter is always indicated for those types of transfers that fall within the range of 30/40 minutes of flight. the helicopter allows you to reach the places where the ritual of the … Read More

Helicopters – tips to usage by travellers. (part 2)

The usage of the helicopter as a means of transport can be generically advantageous to connect places that are far not more than 100/150 km, or from 34 to 45 minutes of flight with an average helicopter. The possibility in … Read More

Helicopters – tips to usage by travellers. (part 1)

Since Vietnam war, the helicopter was developed as a transport tool, to move people between places not easily reachable with others conventional transportation vehicles……. nowadays, helicopters are still the only way to mouve peolple, from/to certain locations. Fastest and cheapest … Read More

From 2008 Helicopters for video shooting and photo shoots

Video footage with conventional drones or helicopters.
What future … … Read More

Flights from downtown Milan

The verticalization of air transport from the center of Milan as a possible development of the business transport over the metropolis … Read More

Genova-Nervi Euroflora 2018

See Genoa and its port from a unique and exciting perspective. … Read More